Winners of the 2016 Powell Street Festival Lottery

Please email or call the office at 604.739.9388 to collect your prize.

1 All Nippon Airways: 2 round trip tickets to Japan: Kenji Kage

2 Hapa Izakaya private dinner for 6: Bahman Ebrahimi

3 Fun at the Festival! Package (Queer Film Festival, Vancouver New
Music, Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver Writers Fest): Kim Chen

4 The Cinematheque: A night out at the Cinemateque: Susie Fitz-James

5 Arsenal Pulp Press: Graphic Novel Book Pack: Colleen Murphy

6 Arsenal Pulp Press: Foodie Book Pack: Michele Cuhahan

7 Arsenal Pulp Press: Vancouver Book Pack: Elizabeth MacArthur

8 Arsenal Pulp Press: Historical Fiction Book Pack: Cheryl Joe

9 Arsenal Pulp Press: Assorted Book Pack: Ying Chung

10 JTB International: $200 credit for JTBI Canada J-Station Products: Frank Sam

11 Kirei Cleaners Gift Certificate: Linda Chan

12 Kirei Cleaners Gift Certificate: Grace Hooling

13 Fujiya Gift Certificate: Daryl Lim

14 Fujiya Gift Certificate: Jiu Peers

15 Membership to JCCA and The Bulletin subscription: Kazuyo Oyama

16 Membership to JCCA and The Bulletin subscription: Amber Louie

17 Membership to JCCA and The Bulletin subscription: Mika Akagi

18 Cadeaux Bakery Gift certificate: R + J Ing

19 Regional Assembly of Text Package with pins, pencil, & 2 note books: David Chinn

20 4 tickets for the Vancouver Canadians: Peter Wood

21 Sunrise Market: 2 x $10 Gift Certificates: Maurice Pagnucco

22 Sunrise Market: 2 x $10 Gift Certificates: Masao Kano

23 Sunrise Market: 2 x $10 Gift Certificates: Cindy Uyesugi

24 Sunrise Market: 2 x $10 Gift Certificates: Kane Tan

25 Sunrise Market: 2 x $10 Gift Certificates: Cathy Makihara

26 Vancouver Shinpo: Magazine Subscription and keylight: Judy Sakiyama

27 Vancouver Shinpo: Magazine Subscription and keylight: Nichola Ogiwara

28 Powell Street Festival Cookbook & Vancouver Shinpo Keylight: Melissa McDowell

29 Powell Street Festival T-shirt & Vancouver Shinpo Keylight: Marlene Dong

30 Powell Street Festival Waterbottle & Vancouver Shinpo Keylight: Alex Johnson

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