What can you get for 12 bucks?

A Lifetime Membership to the Powell Street Festival Society!

It’s a great way to support the Festival and keep in touch! You also get voting rights at our Annual General Meeting in the Spring.

Top-up your Powell Street Festival Society Membership!

You now have the option to “top-up” to an Annual Membership for an additional $12. Purchase it now on eventbrite.

Annual top-up for current Lifetime Members…………………….$12
Annual top-up & new Lifetime Membership………………………$24
Lifetime Membership only, no Annual Top-up……………………..$12

Annual Members receive a Membership Card valid until the last day of the calendar year, entitling you to discounts at:

  • 10% off at Coconama Chocolate retail location, first ganache chocolate shop in North Vancouver at 264 E. 1 Street
  • 10% off of Catfe food, drink and ‘meowchandise’. Catfe is part cafe, part foster home for cats, and a space to hang with kitties! #2035 – International Village Mall, 88 W. Pender Street
  • 10% off at Tama Organic Life, a treasure trove of Japanese food products & organic vegetables as well as healthy home-made foods including daily bentos at #102 – 2828 E. Hastings Street
  • 10% off BLIM classes and at retail shop. BLIM is an independent art and craft workshop space, resource, and small business at 115 E. Pender Street
  • $1 off large coconut puddings at Vegan Pudding, the one and only vegan custard pudding store at 422 Richards Street
  • 10% off at Baker & Table Café, the only place you can get mochi melonpan, Japanese cakes, & yougashi, a Japanese peanut-free bakery at 6414 Fraser Street
  • 10% off at the first overseas branch of Ramen Taka notsume, serving Asahikawa-style ramen from Hokkaido at 841 Bidwell Street
  • 10% off at Dosanko, Japanese homestyle Yoshoku restaurant sourcing seasonally inspired, local ingredients, located at 566 Powell St
  • 10% off Powell Street Festival Society merchandise at Festival and all year.

Your membership card also gets you:

  • An invite to the Members-Only Party following the Annual General Meeting in the Spring;
  • Discounted rates at PSFS art presentations all year long!

Please email, fax (604.739.9308) or phone (604.739.9388) us if you are interested in supporting the festival! To become a member, please print out this page or download and print out this Membership Form and mail it to us with your membership fee. Or sign up now on eventbrite.


Powell Street Festival Society

Suite 410-111 W. Hastings Street

Vancouver, BC Canada V6B 1H4





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Lifetime Membership $12.00                                 I’m already a lifetime member

Annual Membership Top-up $12.00

Donations greatly appreciated!

Please note: unless you specify that you wish to remain anonymous, we will acknowledge you as a donor in our next newsletter


Please make all cheques payable to: Powell Street Festival Society

Membership is from the date of registration; donations are gratefully accepted and a tax-deductible receipt will be issued for the amount over and above the membership cost.