• Amrita Designs

    Welcome to Amrita Designs! I can make anything with all kinds of fabrics. I hope my little pieces make your day happier. For Sale: Coin cases, cosmetic pouches,… More ›

  • Art Cards by Valerie

    Cards, designer chiyogami clips, chiyogami notebooks, bookmarks, sketchbooks   カード、デザイナー千代紙クリップ、千代紙ノート、しおり、スケッチブック 

  • Beads Ya

    Sachiko’s beaded art are all individually designed, 3 dimensionally crafted and transformed into jewellery.  Her beaded jewelry designs are original and uses a variety of colour and weaving… More ›

  • Beauty Secrets of Japan

    Handmade soap with traditional Japanese ingredients like seaweed, bamboo charcoal, green tea, shiso, black sesame, yomogi, rice bran, dokudami, yuzu and azuki beans. For Sale: Organic handmade soaps,… More ›

  • Bitter Melon Bindery

    Instax albums, journals, sketchbooks, and watercolour books  チェキアルバム、手帳、スケッチブック、水塗り絵本 

  • Capture +

    Capture+ makes some shapes with wire. For sale: Wire necklaces and earrings, leather keychains · ワイヤーネックレス、イヤリング、革製キーチェーン

  • Fancypop Handmade Jewelry

    Handmade jewelry, earrings, necklaces, hairpins    手作りジュエリー、イヤリング、ネックレス、ヘアピン 

  • Photo of work by Hirokawa Joinery

    Hirokawa Joinery

    Hirokawa Woodworks by Kyoichi Hirokawa. Trained in Saitama, Japan as a Tategushi, Hirokawa gained experience in woodwork and joinery of shrines, temples and traditional Japanese houses. For sale: Manaitas (Japanese cutting… More ›

  • Japanese Fabric Creations SHINO

    Japanese style hand made goods made with high quality Japanese fabric. For Sale: Shino’s Japanese Fabric Creations Pouches, pot holders, placemats, coasters, coin cases, bookmarks, magnets, hair ties,… More ›

  • photo of postcards made by Kaori Kasai

    Kaori Kasai

    Hi! I’m Sleepless Kao, I am an illustrator, children’s book author and animator who work at late night. When I was less than one, my father taught me… More ›

  • Kazuko Cha

    Selling authentic Kimono material altered/tailored into tunics, vests, and light jackets intended for casual/everyday wear. For Sale: Kimono tunics and vests · 着物チュニック、着物ベスト

  • Kon Matsuyama

    I was born and have spent most of my life in Vancouver. My parents immigrated from Japan in the 1950s, which makes me a second- generation Japanese-Canadian. I… More ›

  • Midori Ueno

    Fabric zakka (little things in your everyday life), stuffed animals, furoshiki wrapping clothes, eye pillows, and gauze masks  布製雑貨、ぬいぐるみ、風呂敷、目枕、ガーゼマスク 

  • Minori Takagi

    Tombodama beads are popular accessories and collectables in Japan because each one is unique. The beads are made by rolling molten glass around a steel rod. Minori works… More ›

  • Mom’s Care Natural Handmade Soap

    My soaps are made from Japanese imported ingredients like Yomogi, Shikon and Bamboo charcoal. These products help people who are suffering from dry skin. They can be safely… More ›

  • Noriko & Co

    Items created from Japanese fabric for everyday use, and greeting cards handmade in Burnaby, BC, by Noriko Otaki. For Sale: · Greeting cards, card cases, mini purses, glasses… More ›

  • Paper For You

    Two paper artists corroborated to make unique accessories and greeting cards with Japanese beautiful paper called WASHI. Everything we make is done by hand even the tiny origami… More ›

  • Sabrina Designs

    For nearly 29 years, Muriel Ito has been creating hand-made Barbie dresses, first for her six-year-old daughter Sabrina, then for Sabrina’s friends and their mothers, and then for… More ›

  • Scandinazn Handmade Goods

    Our handmade jewelry and hair accessories are influenced by the bold colours and simplicity of scandinazn (Scandinavian – Japanese) design. We use recycled materials wherever possible, and focus… More ›

  • Shiawase Recycle Craft

    Shiawase Recyce Craft’s items at the Powell Street Festival include nu no waraji (Japanese slippers or zori made from recycled fabric, mainly using bedding, clothing and kimono), as… More ›

  • Thé Vert Jewelry

    Thé Vert Jewellery’s designs feature an organic, natural feel, utilizing simple clean lines which produce an elegant and eye-catching look. Thé Vert Jewellery features necklaces, earrings and bracelets,… More ›

  • Tien Neo Eamas, Jewels and Spells

    Tien Neo Eamas is the moderne day alchemist. He creates exquisitely magickal sterling silver jewellery and concocts enchanting spells. He has been selling at Powell Street Festival for… More ›

  • WaQs Sushi

    WaQ’s Sushi

    Walter Quan serves up hot sushi, hot siu mai and wonton, and warm and fuzzy nasu and daikon – but don’t eat these! They’re either too waxy or… More ›

  • Yoshiko Godo

    Their pottery is mostly handbuilt with organic shapes, texture, and colours. They are functional pieces, simple and minimalistic to enhance the food that is served. For Sale: Porcelain… More ›

  • Yurie Hoyoyon

    Japanese style KAWAII animal illustration greeting cards are on sale! You can custom order your pet’s greeting card on site too 🙂 Yurie is a portrait artist, who… More ›