• Ashi Ato 足跡

    Interactive Zone インタラクティブ・ゾーン  Step onto the platform, dip your giant brush, and with a singular gesture, leave your mark! Titled Ashi Ato, this interactive installation is inspired by Shodo, Japanese calligraphy, and includes giant brushes… More ›

  • Meet and Greet the Daruma ダルマと写真を撮ろう!

    Paueru-gai, Powell Street neighbourhood パウエル街  Daruma, the traditional Japanese “wishing doll,” greets festivalgoers throughout the weekend. Post your photos @powellstfest_daruma #powellstfest. Costume design by Diane Park.   フェスティバル開催中、ダルマが来場者の皆様に挨拶にまわります。ダルマと写真を撮り@whatisthedaruma’s handle? #powellstfestにポストしてください。コスチュームデザイン:ダイアン・パーク。 

  • Asahi Pitch Game 朝日ピッチゲーム

    Interactive Zone  インタラクティブ・ゾーン  Batter up! Can you strike out an Asahi baseball star? Pitch balls past the batter’s swing to win an assortment of prizes. All ages. $2 for three… More ›

  • 360 Riot Walk 360 ライオット・ウォーク

    Saturday, 12:00pm & 3:30pm (about 2.5 hours), Vancouver Japanese Language School Room 412 土曜午後12時と午後3時半(2時間半程度)  Sunday, 12:00pm & 3:30pm (about 2.5 hours), Vancouver Japanese Language School Room 412 日曜午後12時と午後3時半 (2時間半程度)  360 Riot Walk is a 360-video walking… More ›

  • Ainu Performance アイヌ・パフォーマンス

    Saturday, 2:30pm-3:00pm, Demo Area  Sunday, 5:30pm-6:00pm, Diamond Stage  Artists from Hokkaido present a traditional and engaging performance. Come and learn more about Ainu indigenous culture.  土曜,  午後2時半 ~午後3時, デモエリア  日曜、午後5時半 〜6時、ダイアモンド・ステージ   北海道のアーティストが、観客を巻き込む伝統的なパフォーマンスを披露します。アイヌ文化を学びに来てください。 

  • Otowa Ryu Japanese Dance Group 音羽流日本舞踊会

    Saturday 3:00PM-3:30PM, Diamond Stage   Otowa Ryu Japanese Dance Group has introduced Japanese traditional dances and folk dances at many festivals and events across Canada since the group was… More ›

  • Baton Twirling Team 楓 KAEDE 

     Saturday, 2:00pm-2:15 pm, Japanese Hall at the Language School  Baton Twirling Team 楓 KAEDE presents “Let’s get this Matsuri Started!” This year’s theme is Japanese festival “Matsuri”. This… More ›

  • Yuni Mori 森ゆに

    Saturday, 2:00pm-2:30pm, Firehall Theatre (with Kisyuu) Sunday, 1:00pm-1:30pm, Street Stage (with Kohei Yoshino)  Yuni Mori is a singer-songwriter and pianist, performing since 2009. The root of her music comes from classical… More ›

  • Canceled: Tender Love キャンセル: テンダー・ラブ

    Canceled  キャンセル  Sunday, 12:00pm-12:30pm, Firehall Theatre  Tender Love is art damaged pop. Performances are characterized by memorable hooks and gorgeous melodies destroyed through drones and repetition.  日曜, 午後12時 ~午後12時半, ファイアーホール劇場 … More ›

  • TEKE::TEKE テケテケ

    Saturday, 4:15pm-5:00pm, Diamond Stage  Sunday, 3:00pm-4:00pm, Diamond Stage  TEKE::TEKE began as an homage to legendary Japanese guitarist Takeshi “Terry” Terauchi. Composed of musicians from well-known Montreal bands (Pawa Up… More ›

  • photo of Sharon Minemoto

    Sharon Minemoto シャーロン・ミネモト

    Saturday, 1:00pm-1:30pm, Firehall Theatre  The Sharon Minemoto quartet performs Minemoto’s original compositions from their CD, “Safe Travels”, in memory of her late husband, jazz musician Ross Taggart who lost his battle with cancer…. More ›

  • Kotojiro  コトジロウ 

    Sunday, 4:00pm-4:30pm, Firehall Theatre  Pico Masaki is a singer songwriter from Japan, who spent several years traveling the world and is now living and performing in Vancouver. She… More ›

  • Kanata   カナタ 

    Sunday, 5:00pm-5:30pm, Street Stage  When poem and music met, Kanata was born. Kanata is a unit of a famous singer-songwriter, and one of the Pokemon singers, Ezaki Toshiko and Vancouver… More ›

  • Dahaza ダハザ

    Saturday, 5:30pm-6:00pm, Diamond Stage  Dahaza performs new and traditional music for traditional Japanese musical instruments such as the shakuhachi, taiko, shinobue, shamisen, and koto. 土曜,  午後5時半 ~午後6時 , ダイヤモンドステージ   尺八、太鼓、篠笛、三味線、琴などの和楽器を使って、伝統的な音楽と新しい音楽を織り交ぜて演奏します。 

  • Chihei Hatakeyama, featuring Mark Mushet チヘイ・ヒガシヤマ(マーク・ムシェットをフィーチャーして)

    Saturday, 3:00pm-3:30pm, Firehall Theatre  Chihei Hatakeyama is an electronic musician from Tokyo, Japan. He composes using guitars, pianos and vibraphones, creating a mix of warm, enveloping and melodic drones. His… More ›

  • Nuclear Issues in 21st Century: Invisible Danger of Radiation

      Sunday, 12:00pm-5:00pm, Vancouver Japanese Language School, , Room 416 日曜、  An atomic bomb exhibition and video.  午後 12時~5時, バンクーバー日本語学校   416号室   原爆展とビデオ上映 

  • Nikkei Artist Mixer 日系アーティスト・ミキサー

    Sunday, 12-2:30pm, Firehall Courtyard  Are you a Japanese Canadian artist? Associated with Nikkei arts and culture? Study a Japanese art form? Curious about Japanese culture? Want to get… More ›

  • Misao Kumagai 被爆体験伝承

    Saturday, 12:30pm-1:15pm, Vancouver Japanese Language School, Room 416  I am a member of the first cohort of the Atomic Bomb Survivors Storytelling Project, which was launched in 2012 by the City of… More ›

  • Let’s Kataribe レッツ語り部

    Saturday, 5:30-6pm, Vancouver Japanese Language School, Room 416  We are elementary and secondary school students from the Mio, Mihama-cho area in Wakayama Prefecture. We study the history of immigration from Mio to Vancouver and will share it with others in Japanese… More ›

  • Landscapes of Injustice ランドスケープ・オブ・ジャスティス

    Saturday, 4:30-5pm, Vancouver Japanese Language School, Room 416  Sunday, 5:30-6pm, Vancouver Japanese Language School, Room 416  The LOI Museum Exhibit cluster is currently in the content development stage of an exhibit that… More ›

  • History, Culture, and the Right to Remain in SROs Today SROの現状:歴史、文化、住み続ける権利

    Saturday, 3:30-4pm, VJLS Room 416  Just as Japanese Canadians once dwelled, and were uprooted from, the historic SROs that still stand in the Powell Street area, tenants living in them… More ›

  • Hayashi Studio ハヤシ・スタジオ

    Sunday, 3:00pm-3:30pm, Firehall Theatre  Who is missing in our history? Hayashi Studio investigates the hidden history of British Columbia, as documented by Japanese photographer, Senjiro Hayashi. Hayashi’s lens photographed every… More ›

  • Katrina Wolfe and Joey Largent カトリーナ•ウルフ&ジョーイ•ラージェント

    Saturday, 4:00pm-4:30pm, Firehall Theatre  Performances by Katrina Wolfe and Joey Largent will combine Butoh (Japanese dance theater), sculpture, installation, and live sound. Intricate costumes and sculptural forms will be transformed as Katrina… More ›

  • Kasha Konaka カシャ•コナカ

    Sunday, 5:00pm-5:15pm, Diamond Stage Kasha Konaka is a Japanese-Canadian contemporary circus artist living in Vancouver. In her solo piece she will be combining handstands, flexibility, choreography and acrobatics to create… More ›

  • Photo of Sally ito

    Sally Ito “The Emperor’s Orphans” サリー・イトウ 『天皇の孤児たち』

    Saturday, 12:00pm-12:30pm, Firehall Theatre  In 1975 when she was 12, Ito’s family made an epic road trip from our home in Sherwood Park, Alberta to Vancouver, BC in two cars filled… More ›

  • Re-pronunciation: 再発音

    Saturday, 5:00pm-5:30pm, Firehall Theatre  New works by Yonsei women writing Erica Hiroko Isomura, Carolyn Nakagawa, and Laura Fukumoto write in and around intersections of contemporary politics, solidarity with marginalized… More ›

  • Banana Bread バナナブレッド

    Saturday, 1:00pm-1:30pm, Street Stage   Banana Bread is a Pop / R&B choral band comprised of 4 Vancouver residing Japanese multi-instruments with a touch of ukulele sound. The beautiful… More ›

  • Bujinkan Taka Seigi Dojo 武神館 Taka Seigi道場

    Sunday, 11:30am – 12pm, Japanese Hall    Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is a Japanese martial arts system composed of nine warrior schools of Samurai and Ninjutsu traditions with lineage dating back more than 1,000 years. Studied internationally by military… More ›

  • Photo of Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos

    Bushido 節童

    Sunday, 5:00pm-5:30pm, Firehall Theatre  Co‐founded by Alcvin Ryuzen Ramos and Nori Akagi, Bushido infuses fresh, contemporary energy into traditional Japanese folk melodies. Bushido’s sound ranges from fiery samurai… More ›

  • Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu Canada

    Busenkai (Iwamaryu Aikido & Tamiya-Ryu Iaijutsu)

    Sunday, 12:30pm – 1pm, Japanese Hall    Iwama Shinshin Aikido Busenkai is under the supervision of Kenny Sembokuya Sensei, Student of Hitohira Saito Sensei. He was appointed as an instructor for the Busenkai Tokyo Branch in 2010, as well… More ›

  • Photo of Chibi Taiko at Powell Street Festival – by Noah Photography

    Chibi Taiko · ちび太鼓

    Photo credit: Noah’s photography Saturday, 2:00pm-2:30pm, Street Stage  The first youth Taiko ensemble, formed in 1993 by Shinobu Homma with the goal of passing taiko onto the next… More ›

  • De Couto/Say/Arai Organ Trio デ・クト/セイ/アライ・オルガントリオ

    Sunday, 1:00pm-1:30pm, Firehall Theatre The de Couto/Say/Arai Organ Trio is a Vancouver ensemble led by Jason de Couto on Hammond B3 Organ and features local jazz legends Dave… More ›

  • Handpan Journey ハンドパン・ジャーニー

    Sunday, 3:00pm-3:30pm, Street Stage  Handpan Journey is a handpan player who travels the world. The instrument he plays is called hand pan, which is a very uncommon instrument…. More ›

  • All Japan Shitoryu Seikokai Karate-do Canada

    Shito-Ryu Karate-Do Canada 糸東流空手道カナダ

    Saturday, 5:30pm – 6:00pm, Japanese Hall    Japan Seiko-Kai Karate-Do Canada was established in 1970 and currently has over 1000 members nationally. We also have over 25 international branch… More ›

  • Jodaiko

    JODAIKO · 女太鼓

    Sunday, 6:30pm–7:00pm, Diamond Stage  Founded in 1988 to provide a creative outlet for women performing within the confines of a then largely male-dominated cultural tradition, JODAIKO continues to… More ›

  • Photo of Japanese Calligrapher Kisyuu

    Kisyuu Japanese Calligrapher · 書道家姫洲

    Saturday, 2:00pm-2:30pm, Firehall Theatre (with Yuni Mori)  Sunday, 4:00pm-4:30pm, Street stage    Born and raised in Japan, Kisyuu started learning calligraphy when she was seven and was given a calligraphy master… More ›

  • Photo of Katari Taiko at the 2014 Powell Street Festival by stu-di-o-by-jeanie

    Katari Taiko · 語り太鼓

    Photo credit: stu-di-o-by-jeanie, Powell Street Festival 2014 Sunday, 12:30pm-1:00pm, Diamond Stage Katari Taiko has the distinction of being the first taiko drum group formed in Canada, and has… More ›

  • Photo of Kaya Kurz.

    Kaya Kurz カヤ・クルツ

     Saturday, 5:00pm-5:30pm, Street Stage  Kaya & the Criers is a soulful group comprised of students and alumni of Capilano University’s Jazz Studies program. From pop tunes to reinterpretations… More ›

  • Photo of Kohei Yoshino, Winter Buskers

    Kohei Yoshino コウヘイ・ヨシノ

    Sunday, 12:00pm-12:30pm, Street Stage  Sunday, 1:00pm-1:30pm, Street Stage (with Yuni Mori)  Kohei Yoshino is a singer songwriter based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since he picked up an acoustic guitar at… More ›

  • Kyudo Association of Canada - Vancouver

    Kyudo Association of Canada – Vancouver · カナダ弓道協会バンクーバー支部

    Sunday, 3:30pm – 4:00pm, VJLS Hall  KAC Vancouver is a local group which studies the art of Japanese Archery known as kyudo. In kyudo, they strive to improve… More ›

  • Noor Dance Company · ヌーアダンス

    Saturday 6:00PM-6:30PM, Street Stage Noor Dance Co. was founded by Maki and Negma, two of Vancouver’s top belly dancers. They have been en- thralling audiences around the world,… More ›

  • Onibana Taiko · 鬼花太鼓

    Saturday, 12:30pm-1:00pm, Diamond Stage  Formed in 2016, Onibana Taiko are three veterans of Vancouver’s Taiko community whose performance presentations draw from Japanese folk rituals such as minyo and matsuri all with a… More ›

  • Powell Street

    Powell Street Historical Walking Tours

    English Tours: Saturday, 2:00pm & 4:00pm & Sunday, 2:00pm & 3:00pm Japanese Tour: Saturday, 3:00pm This historical tour will take a look at the buildings, stores and people of… More ›

  • Sansho Daiko · 山椒太鼓

    Saturday, 6:30pm-7:00pm, Diamond Stage Drawing on both contemporary and traditional repertoire, Sansho Daiko brings a fresh approach to an ancient art form, creating a visual and aural experience… More ›

  • Nishikawa-ryu

    Satsuki Kai Japanese Dance 彩月会

    Sunday 1:30PM-2:00PM, Diamond Stage   The Satsuki Kai Dance Group started in May 2011, with the goal of learning and enjoying Japanese dance in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere,… More ›

  • Photo of Sawagi Taiko

    Sawagi Taiko · さわぎ太鼓

    Saturday, 2:00pm-2:30pm, Diamond Stage  Formed in 1990, Sawagi Taiko is the first all Asian women’s taiko group in Canada.  They are a multi-generational group of women of East… More ›

  • Seishun Youth Academy 青SHUN学園カナダ校

    Saturday, 3:00pm-3:30pm, Street Stage  Join Seishun Youth Academy, the Canadian sister group to Japanese rock idol unit Seishun Gakuen, at the Powell Street Festival! Seishun Youth Academy will… More ›

  • Shohei Juku Akido

    Shohei Juku Aikido Canada

    Saturday, 12:30pm –1:00PM, Japanese Hall     Aikido is a holistic practice combining physical techniques with mental discipline. Using powerful circular movements, aikido techniques embody the principle of non-resistance, wherein… More ›

  • Shorinji Kempo

    Shorinji Kempo · 少林寺拳法

    Sunday, 1:30pm – 2:00pm, Japanese Hall    Shorinji Kempo, founded in 1947 by So Doshin, is a martial art that has the benefits of self defense, physical health, and… More ›

  • Sakura Singers

    The Sakura Singers · さくらシンガーズ

    Sunday, 11:30am-12:00pm, Diamond Stage  The Sakura Singers was formed 45 years ago, directed by Mrs. Ruth Suzuki, and was inaugurated into a Society in 2006. They promote the… More ›

  • Photo of Ensemble Liberta

    Ensemble Liberta

    Saturday, 12:00pm-12:30pm, Street stage  Saturday, 1:30PM-3:00PM, VJLS room #416  Sunday, 12:oopm-12:30pm, Firehall Theater Ensemble Liberta is one of the most versatile traditional Japa- nese wind and string ensembles… More ›

  • Sumo

    Sumo Tournament · 相撲トーナメント

     Sumo Tournament  With mentorship from the Vancouver Sumo Fun Club, PSF hosts a Sumo Tournament for festival visitors. Do you have what it takes to be the Yokozuna… More ›

  • UBC Classical Ju-jutsu

    UBC Classical Bu-jutsu Club · UBC古流武術クラブ

    Saturday, 4:30pm – 5:00pm, Japanese Hall   The UBC Classical Bu-Jutsu Club is an organization dedicated to the practice, preservation, and promotion of the combative systems of feudal Japan. Emphasizing… More ›

  • Vancouver Eishin-Ryu Iaido Club

    Vancouver Iaido Club バンクーバー英信流居合道クラブ

    Saturday, 3:30pm –4:00pm, Japanese Hall    Iaido is a traditional Samurai martial art using Japanese swords. The Vancouver Eishin-Ryu Iaido Club practices the classical form of iaido, known as… More ›

  • Vancouver Okinawa Taiko

    Vancouver Okinawa Taiko バンクーバー沖縄太鼓

    Saturday, 4:00pm-4:30pm, Street Stage  Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has been performing at numerous cultural festivals, charity functions, and anniversary events in North America for over a decade. The group’s… More ›

  • West Side Warriors ウェストサイド・ウォーリアーズ

    Sunday, 6:00pm-6:30pm, Street Stage  Toby Mukai (Tobes) is 50% Japanese, 50% English and 100% Vancouverite. He is an aspiring composer, musician and rapper. Back in March 2008 he… More ›

  • Photo of Yoshinkan Aikido (Sokushinkan Dojo)

    Yoshinkan Aikido British Columbia Association

    Sunday, 2:30pm – 3:00pm, Japanese Hall    Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art based upon the prin- ciple of harmony through connection, balance, and timing. It is an… More ›

  • Za Daikon

    Za Daikon · 座・だいこん

    Sunday, 2:00pm-2:30pm, Firehall Theatre  A Vancouver-based amateur Japanese theatrical group formed in 1994. They perform Japanese comedies, folktales, and staged readings at various community events. In Japanese with English… More ›

  • Photo of Roku Shichi Taiko.

    GO Taiko GO太鼓

    Sunday, 2:00pm-2:30pm, Street Stage   This is GO Taiko’s (formerly Roku Shichi Taiko) second appearance at PSF.  We will feature traditional and North American taiko songs.  日曜, 午後2時 ~午後2時半, ストリートステージ  GO太鼓(元六七太鼓)は、パウエル祭では2年目の出演となります。伝統的な演目と北米太鼓の演目を披露します。