The PSF Advocacy Committee has been running art workshops at the Oppenheimer Park Fieldhouse for the past three years for local low-income artists.

2015 Workshops

Our plan for 2015 is to participate in Homeground again as well as to organize art workshops in DTES and with other Japanese Canadian organizations to create art pieces that will be included in the Vancouver Taiko Society’s ‘Fish Stix’ presentation at the 39th Annual Powell Street Festival.

2014 Workshops

In 2014, we ran a button-making workshop at the Homeground Festival in February 2014. In July, we invited Doug Masuhara of Tetsu Taiko to lead Tanko Bushi (Coal Miners’ Dance) workshops at the McLean Park (through Strathcona Community Centre), Carnegie Community Centre, and Oppenheimer Park. This December, we ran an initial series of square lantern-making workshops at Carnegie Community Centre as part of our collaboration with the Vancouver Taiko Society and their ‘Fish Stix’ project, which will continue in 2015.

2013 Workshops

In 2013, we ran a button-making workshop at the Homeground Festival at the end of January 2013 and a three-day lantern-decorating workshop at the Fieldhouse in July. The decorated lanterns were displayed at the 37th Annual Powell Street Festival at the beginning of August and at Park-a-Palooza, the Oppenheimer Park – Gallery Gachet Art Exhibition that was held in October. Many thanks to the Oppenheimer Park staff who assisted with the worships in July.

2012 Workshops

In 2012, Yuriko Iga from BLIM ran a button-making workshop at the Oppenheimer Park Fieldhouse in May and members of the Advocacy Committee ran a wind-chime making workshop in July. Some of the wind-chimes were displayed at the 36th Annual Powell Street Festival in August.