Photo of VJLS's food booth


Established in 1906, the Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall (VJLS-JH) is a non-profit, community-based and driven organization, committed to education, culture, and community. Their mission, as an educational and community institution, is to promote through educational and event programming the understanding of Japanese language and culture to all Canadians. Their food booth will be serving up a delicious selection of Japanese festival foods that will tantalize your taste buds. Hot off the grill, we have our savory Okonomiyaki, mouth-watering chicken Yakitori, and toasty grilled Onigiri. To cool down, we have our brain-freezing Kakigori (sno-cone) and uber-zen Uji Kintoki.

On the Menu: Chicken Yakitori, Okonomiyaki (Regular and Vegetarian), Yaki-onigiri, Kakigori (snow cone), Uji Kintoki (Japanese shaved ice dessert) 焼き鳥、お好み焼き(レギュラー、ベジタリアン)、焼きおにぎり、かき氷、宇治金時

Chicken Yakitori, Okonomiyaki (beef and vegetable), Yaki-onigiri, Kakigori

Location: Jackson (east) side of the park