Saturday & Sunday, 11:30am – 7:00pm, Oppenheimer Park

Starting with UBC’s Nitobe Garden in 1959, the Vancouver Japanese Gardeners’ Association’s (VJGA) gardeners have planted Japanese gardens all over the Greater Vancouver area, including gardens at Vancouver City Hall and the Nikkei Heritage Centre in Burnaby, as well as the Momiji Garden at the PNE. The VJGA continues its tradition of selling yo-yo, omen (Japanese character masks) and kendama (Japanese toy) at this year’s Powell Street Festival.


非営利団体バンクーバー日系ガーデナーズ協会は、今年で50周 年を迎えます。フェスティバルでは、ヨーヨーゲームを主催する他、 キャラクターお面、けん玉も用意しております。

For Sale: Yo-yos, omen, kendama · ヨーヨー、お面、けん玉