Charms with Calligraphy by Kisyuu


Kisyuu is a Japanese Calligrapher who creates both traditional and modern style multimedia calligraphy with over 20 years of experience. Kisyuu performs at Japanese-related events and holds monthly calligraphy workshops in order to introduce this beautiful Japanese traditional art. Her goal is to be a bridge across the Pacific Ocean and to make world peace.

For Sale: Wind Bell with Calligraphy, Japanese Fan & Sensu with Calligraphy, Calligraphy Bottle Charms, Calligraphy Post Cards, Handmade Washi Bookmarks, Coasters, Tote Bags, Lanterns 筆文字団扇、文字扇子、風鈴、ボトルチャーム、書道ポストカード、 手作り和紙しおり、コースター、トートバッグ、提灯