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Yoshié Bancroft is a co-creator of and performer in Japanese Problem. She is a Japanese Canadian actor and theatre creator with a strong interest in the Japanese Canadian incarceration. In 2015 she took a walking tour of Hastings Park, run by the Nikkei Centre. Though vaguely aware of the incarceration history, suddenly the geographic proximity and magnitude of the transgression became immediate and tangible, while standing in an animal stall in the Livestock Building – where women and children had once slept. The experience motivated the creation of JAPANESE PROBLEM as she began to wonder how many people attend the PNE without knowing that the site processed 8,000 Japanese Canadians during WWII, including many who died at the site.

Recent theatre credits include Lizzie in Pride & Prejudice (Chemainus Theatre Festival), Patricia in Flare Path (Slamming Door Collective), The Air Loom (you & I Theatre), Evie/Cat* in Ithaka (dream of passions / Excavation Theatre), Pride & Prejudice (Arts Club), Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Home is a Beautiful Word (Belfry), Tour (Universal Ltd.) – a show she co-created with support from The Electric Company for Hive 3, and toured to Toronto for Summerworks. Other favourite roles include ‘Lydia’ in Big Love (UBC) and ‘Zhaboonigan’ in The Rez Sisters(UBC). Notable Film/TV credits include Emily Owens M.D., The Flash, Bates Motel, Supernatural, Impastor, and Pancake Breakfast, which screened in Austin at SXSW.

*Jessie Richardson Award for Best Supporting Actress in Small Theatre

Japanese Problem
Saturday & Sunday, 2:00pm, 2:30pm, 3:00pm, 3:30pm, VJLS in the Main Hall

Japanese Problem is a short play where a small audience encounters the Japanese Canadian experience at Hastings Park. It’s an immediate and affecting performance with original music. This performance is a preview for a larger piece, held at Hastings Park from September 21st to 30th, as well as an installation up this fall at the Nikkei National Museum in Burnaby.

Internment as Art: a panel featuring Joy Kogawa, Jay Rubin, Yoshié Bancroft, and Matt Miwa (hosted by Sally Ito)
Sunday, 12:00pm – 12:30pm, Firehall Theatre

It has been 75 years since the internment of Japanese North Americans in camps in the deserts of the U.S. and the mountains of Canada. What of this experience has shaped the psyche of artists writing or performing about this time in our collective history? Come and listen to writers Joy Kogawa and Jay Rubin, and performers Matt Miwa and Yoshie Bancroft speaking about this topic at a panel moderated by writer and translator, Sally Ito.

土曜・日曜、午後 2時、2時半、3時、3時半、バンクーバー日本語学校ホール

ショート演劇、Japanese Problem(日系人問題)は、オリジナルの 音楽とともに心を動かすパフォーマンスを通じて、観客のみなさ んをヘイスティングス公園における日系人の歴史にご招待しま す。このパフォーマンスは、9月21日から30日までヘイスティング ス公園で開催される本編を短縮してお届けする試演会です。秋 にはバーナビーの日系博物館でインスタレーションも行います。

アートとしての強制収容:ジョイ・コガワ、ジェイ・ルビン、ヨシエ・バン クロフト、マット・ミワ(進行役:サリー・イトウ)
日曜、午後12 時〜12時半 ファイアーホール・シアター

アメリカの砂漠やカナダの山奥のキャンプに北米の日系人が収 容されてから75年が経ちました。この体験は、この集団的歴史に ついて表現するアーティストの精神をどのように形作ってきたの でしょうか。作家のジョイ・コガワやジェイ・ルビン、パフォーマー のマット・ミワやヨシエ・バンクロフトのパネル講演会に是非お 越しください。司会進行は、作家および翻訳家であるサリー・イト ウが務めます。

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