Photo of Sawagi Taiko

Saturday, 4:15pm – 4:45pm Diamond Stage

Formed in 1990 and was the first all Asian women taiko group in Canada. The group has performed in a variety of music festivals and other cultural and community events across Canada and the USA. Most of the pieces performed by Sawagi Taiko are composed or arranged by its members who, in addition to their taiko experience bring other artistic skills to the group, such as movement and voice. With diverse experiences as Asians, the members of Sawagi Taiko explore their cultural roots through taiko. In performance, Sawagi Taiko presents an image of Asian women as strong and powerful.

土曜、午後4時45分, ダイヤモンド・ステージ

さわぎ太鼓は1990年に結成された、カナダ初、メンバー全員が女 性の太鼓グループです。カナダに住む東アジア系の女性としての 経験を生かし、メンバーは自分たちの創造力やアイディアを太鼓 の演奏でパワフルに表現します。さわぎ太鼓は静かで控えめとい ったアジア女性のステレオタイプを変え、異なるコミュニティの間 に文化的なつながりを作るよう努めています


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