Painting with Water and Fire 水と火による絵画

Sunday, 11:30am-12:00pm, Firehall Theatre 

Visual artist Chiharu Mizukawa will share how she makes her delicate paintings using only three elements: paper, fire, and water. Following a slide show, she will give a demonstration of her unique process. Visiting from Japan for festival weekend only, her work will be displayed at Centre A Gallery (2nd floor, 268 Keefer Street) Aug 4 & 5th.  


ビジュアルアーティストの水川千春が、紙、火、水という3つの要素だけを使って繊細な絵を描きます。スライドショーの後、ユニークな製作プロセスのデモンストレーションを行います。日本からパウエル祭の週末だけバンクーバーに滞在し、作品は8月4日と5日にCenter A Gallery(268 Keefer Street)の2階に展示されます。 

Water Branch ウォーターブランチ 

Saturday & Sunday, 12pm-5pm, Centre A Gallery 土曜&日曜、午後12時~5時センターAギャラリー 

Meet the artist at Centre A Gallery Saturday from 4pm-5pm 土曜、午後4時~5センターAギャラリーにアーティストと会うことができます 

Chiharu’s work is drawn with sea water and fire on paper. The transparent sea water is not visible to the eyes when drawing, but when it is torched with fire, impurities in the water burn away and become colours and images that reveal themselves.   


Presence in the Absence – Chiharu Mizukawa, Tomoyo Ihaha, Nao Uda 水川千春トモヨイハラ宇田奈緒 不在の中の存在 

Saturday, 12pm-12:45pm, VJLS 土曜、午後12時~12時45分、バンクーバー日本語学校 

International visual artists talk about their process and the distinctive role that paper plays in their work. They will touch on the importance of storytelling, location, the elements, fragments, loss, and disappearance in their art.  


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