All Japan Shitoryu Seikokai Karate-do Canada

Saturday 4:45pm – 5:15pm, Demo Area

Japan Seiko-Kai Karate-Do Canada was established in 1970 and currently has over 1000 members nationally. They focus on teaching traditional methods of self-defence, while pro- moting a balance between mind, body and spirit. They will demonstrate karate basics, including punching and kicking techniques, and their application in self-defence. They will include kumite (sparring), with additional focus on women’s self defence and knife defence. Additionally, they will showcase jump kick techniques, board-breaking, and a kata performance by their children’s team.

This demonstration will include:
Daily training exercises
Basic techniques
Kata (forms or choreography)
Women&rquo;s self defence
Jump kicks
Board breaking
Knife defence
Junior team kata

土曜、午後4時45分 ~ 5時15分、デモンストレーションエリア

日本清光会空手道カナダは、1970年に創立し、現在カナダ全土で 1000人を越えるメンバーが登録しています。伝統的な護身法に力 点を置きながら、同時に、心、体、精神のバランスを促進します。パ ウエル祭では、パンチやキックなどの空手基本技術と、それらの護 身への応用を実演します。例としては、女性による護身や刃物から 身を守るための組手があります。また、子供達による跳び蹴り、板 割り、型の実演もあります。


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