Mandate: To research and identify artists, curators, art forms, and art organizations that give voice to the Japanese Canadian community and/or represent Japanese heritage.



In consultation with the Artistic Director:

  • Research, review and recommend long-term program plans.
  • Participate in recommendation process for annual Festival theme and assists in selection of invited Festival performers and artists.
  • Participate in the selection and evaluation process for Festival applicants (professional and community artists).
  • Present ideas for possible programming.
  • Program, curate or coordinate special projects (optional).
  • Liaise with local organizations in order to identify and implement specific programs (ie. Sponsor Japanese film in other film festivals, co-present a Japanese artist, etc.) and assist in the development of co-operative events and programs
  • Identify specific social issues in contemporary art practice.

If you would like to join this committee, please email the Artistic Director –  604.739.9388.

Current Members

Leanne Dunic (Chair)
Carly Yoshida
Yuriko Iga

Shannon Miller
Kevin Takahide Lee

Mike Okada

Emily Wu

Members’ Bios

Leanne Dunic is a multidisciplinary artist and writer. Being of mixed race, much of Leanne’s work possesses hybrid-identity themes. In 2014, she was the literary curator for the Powell Street Festival and has contributed to the society’s fundraising and 40th Anniversary planning committees. In her previous lives, Leanne owned clothing boutiques, modelled, and worked in the music industry. She is the author of To Love the Coming End (BookThug 2017), and is the singer/guitarist of the band The Deep Cove.

Carly Yoshida is the breaking news producer for CTV Vancouver and has been working in the broadcast industry since 2010. She has Japanese-Canadian heritage, and her family originally hailed from B.C. before settling in Toronto after the Second World War. Although she grew up in Toronto, she has many fond memories of visiting family on the west coast and volunteering at the Powell Street Festival. Carly recently moved to Vancouver from Toronto and is thoroughly enjoying living on the west coast.

Yuriko Iga was born in Winnipeg and raised in Calgary with Japanese parentage. Her experience of the traditional Japanese house and family, combined with her work in the post-modernist art field, have led her toward a broadened conception of art as the creation of installation or social space always ignoring the boundary between art, multi-media, design, and life. A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Yuriko’s many artistic endeavours include running a gallery in Calgary called Kisaten from 1994–1996; working with the collective Colours for Industry; and curating music out of a space called Squibb. Now based out of Vancouver, Yuriko’s recent project is called Blim. Once a gallery for emerging art, then a venue for experimental music and film, now a studio for surface design and giftshop of local handmade designs.

Tenor Kevin Takahide Lee has a Bachelor’s of Music degree in Opera Performance from the University of British Columbia and a Master’s of Music in Voice Performance from The University of Western Ontario. Currently, Kevin’s musical roles include Vancouver Opera chorus, choir directing, teaching and music recreation for senior homes and the city of Burnaby. This past year Kevin had the honour of portraying Japanese Canadian settler, soldier and internee Zennosuke Inouye. In addition, Kevin participated as a Japanese Canadian panellist with the Inspirit panel, a part of Reconciliation week. Finally, Kevin is directing the New Comers choir which is based out of the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre. To follow Kevin you can go to

Mike Okada works in the marketing industry, where he specializes in copywriting and brand consulting, and he is excited to be bringing his skills to continue building upon the successes of festivals past. Born and raised in BC, Mike is a fourth generation Japanese Canadian who has been coming to the Powell Street Festival since he was young. As a member of the board, he looks forward to working with an amazing team, getting back in touch with his roots, and helping the next generation make their own lasting memories of the festival in the years to come.

Emily Wu is currently an Internal Coach and a Program Lead at University of British Columbia. Her current work involves developing, delivering, and managing innovative educational programs for adult professionals. As a first generation Taiwanese Canadian living and blending in multiple cultures, Emily finds stimulation in language, culture, and diversity. Emily has volunteered with Powell Street Festival since 2007. She loves the spirit of PSF, in particular connecting with community groups, celebrating arts and culture, and working with like-minded individuals that believe in the Society’s mission and values.